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Demand Seen at Forest Woods Showflat Nex Shopping Centre

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The Forest Woods condominiums are a series of real estate buildings which are to be built in a key part of Serangoon. The project is of recent advancement and is part of a new condo launching at Lorong Lew Lian, next to the Serangoon MRT interchange, offering residents the optimal opportunity to commute to work as well as being in the centre of a significantly prolific shopping retail district.

Forest Woods sees Demand at Launch Date

The new divided piece of real estate offers buyers the potential to purchase a vast array of apartment sizes. From a one bedroom and one study apartment to a five bedroomed penthouse, the new twelve story apartment block will cater for an assortment of buyers, families and couples alike. Demand is seen at the showflat launch.

The project also offers an inclination to what the future home may resemble, with the pledge to install new technological appliances and scenic views. For example, Forestwoods Showflat promises to have the smart home’ look which includes features like an automatic light system, or wireless central heating for the cold winter mornings.

Forest Woods, in 2021, will resemble a look of the future. With fantastic views and scenic gardens, the new condominium is going to offer residents an extremely comfortable living quarter.

Forestwoods CDL Huge Showflat Crowd

The project near NEX Shopping Mall draws many buyers who visited the showflat and it is going to be situated within a key part of Serangoon, on the avenue in Upper Serangoon amongst many amenities. As mentioned, the apartment block is going to be situated next to the MRT interchange giving residents the prime location to commute to work or to families and giving them no excuses not to consider a move to Forest Woods.

As Condo’s go, they are generally situated within a key part of a city and Forest Woods is going to be no different. Forest Woods is going to be within a close proximity of the Nex Shopping Centre, one of the biggest sub-urban shopping centres within Singapore. With a great quantity of retail shops and 24 hour supermarkets residents cannot go wrong with this opportunity.

Showflat Viewing Date NEX Shopping Centre

Looking at the wider picture, however, it appears the condo is going to be situated on land which was previous occupied by residents, whilst also appearing to resemble a form of Greenfield land. This is going to disturb the picturesque view of Serangoon from the Upper district whilst damaging a number of potential habitats for wildlife. It is located near to NEX Shopping Centre that has a huge array of shopping available. Although the condos are going to look incredibly modern and beautiful, they should not and could not replace the natural beauty of nature.

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